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Accelerate Your Learning Curve by Having Former Government "Insider” Ken Elshoff Conduct His Lightening Fast Research On Your Market For Your City, County or State List.

If you purchased the Invisible Leads Program and want to work on getting some specific leads, you're in luck! You can now short-cut the learning and trial-and-error process. For a limited time, Ken is offering a handful of investor’s 60-minute consultation calls.

In this one-hour telephone consultation, you can share what city, county, and state you are targeting and Ken ill use his decade of experience to discuss and formulate a blueprint strategy to get you off to a fast start. He's even agreed to conduct some quick online research for you in your own city, county, or state – during the call.

That’s right! Ken will work to locate the key sites you need, do some quick research on the proper format for submitting public records requests, and then compile it all into an email that he will send at the conclusion of the call.

Think of this email as your blueprint for moving forward and getting your leads.

Ken’s old ‘partnership program’ is out. You know, the one where you could hire Ken to chase down the leads lists for you, let you ‘work’ them via direct mail, and then split real estate profits 50/50. Well that project ended up hijacking too much of Kens time and his own real estate business began to suffer from neglect.

That’s why this new telephone consultation model is a win-win for investors….and Ken.

You will get Kens 100% full attention during a 60-minute phone call and he will work directly with you to plan which lists you need to target in the market you are investing in.

What leads are you interested in? Here are some of the lists and strategies Ken can help you with:

  • Tired landlord
  • Divorce filings
  • Code violations
  • Arrest Records
  • Tax delinquent properties
  • Assessors list
  • “GIS” Lists < ---- BRAND NEW (Not included in Invisible Leads course)
  • Utility company lists < ---- BRAND NEW
  • Locate VACANT properties using public records < ---- BRAND NEW

Here’s a quick story from Ken to highlight the value of his service.

“I got a call from an investor on the East coast. He asked if I could help him find some good leads. I figured I’d shoot for some vacant properties. So, I asked the guy to give me his street name, city, and state. He did. A few days later I called him up and gave him five addresses. I told him all of the address were within 10 blocks of his street. I instructed him to drive by each address and note whether there were uncut grass, piled-up newspapers, and a lack of curtains in the windows. See, these are prime indicators that the houses were empty. Well, the next day he called me back and was absolutely ecstatic. Shock, really. He couldn’t believe it – all five houses were vacant, just as I had suspected. He wondered how a guy sitting at his desk in a small Iowa town could tell him where the vacant houses were in his very own neighborhood all the way out on the East coast! Now, this guy thought I was the most sophisticated, high-tech investor to walk the planet. Of course, that wasn’t true at all. I merely knew where to look for these leads.”

And now Ken will teach you precisely how he did it.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

Are there are any prerequisites to the one-hour phone call?

Yes. You must own--and read--the Invisible Leads course manual. Reading the manual in advance will give you a fundamental understanding of public records requests, allow you a chance to create a list of questions you want answered, and it will ensure that you are ready to maximize your time on the phone with Ken. NOTE: If you have not purchased the Invisible Leads manual, Ken will NOT book a one-hour phone consultation with you. No exceptions!

I have a question about a leads list that isn’t mentioned above and isn’t real estate related; can I still book a coaching call with you?

Yes. Ken has years of experience in getting lists from public records that are not real estate related. Some examples include: lists of dogs owners in a city, lists of licensed Master plumbers in a county, all aircraft owners in the United States, lists of federal HR Specialists in a specific federal agency, all of the licensed real estate agents in an entire state, plus many more.

What happens after I pay for the coaching call?

Once payment is received, Ken will contact you via email to schedule a time that works best for both of you. (Note: If you have a Gmail account, the call appointment can be shared to your google calendar).

Book your call today!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Note: To qualify for this consultation call, you must agree that the call can be recorded and used as training for other Invisible Leads buyers, creation of new products, and lead generators for the Invisible Leads program.

You'll be sent a digital file of the recorded call as a no-cost bonus. There's no need to take notes. All of Ken's best advice will be captured in audio for you to listen to over and over again.

Ken currently consults with businesses on this topic, still works full time and has other family commitments, so his time is limited.

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Invisible Leads Coaching (1-Hour)

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