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Invisible Leads Appeals Step-By-Step Instructional Manual

Advanced Invisible Leads™. This advanced course manual is designed to teach you, the Real Estate Professional, how to acquire high quality leads from Public Records Offices after your initial request has been denied.

NOTE: It is very important, at this point, to ensure you have taken all of the appropriate steps detailed in the basic course before you move forward with this course.

By the end of this course, you will know:

  • The reasons why public records offices might disapprove your request
  • How to recruit retired public records employees to be your allies
  • Understanding and filing official Appeals—and why they are taken seriously
  • How to hire a local an Open Records Attorney to fight for you—and how you may not have to even pay them!
  • Why Journalists can get access to records you can’t
  • How to recruit and hire someone to personally search public records for you
  • What "Screen-Scraping" means, and how to find people do it for you
  • How to use the public IT department section of the public office to your advantage
  • What/How third party data warehouses could save the day for you
  • How the letters “GIS” might get you the leads you want when all else fails
  • Plus, Lots more!


  • 29 pages
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Appeals Manual Invisible Leads

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