Invisible Leads Public Request Templates (Word Format)

Invisible Leads
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Invisible Leads Public Request Templates (Word Format)

Invisible Leads™ Six public record request templates for your immediate download and deployment! These letters have been developed over and include important statements that will save you time and money. The hard-won letters will also save you lots of frustration! Templates are included for the following types of leads:

  • Tax delinquent properties – Owners are often financially distressed, have given up on taking care of the property and they often owned free-and clear.
  • Code Violations -- Neglected properties whose owners are likely to sell
  • Eviction filings --Active landlords; great source of buyer and seller leads
  • Probate records– Recently deceased owners who likely left their house to someone who cannot afford to keep it. They need to sell quickly!
  • Divorce filings -- Divorced couples need to split assets – and sell their house fast!
  • Utility shut-off notices -- Shut off notices indicate an owner who cannot afford to keep their house, or it indicates a house that is vacant. Either way, you win because they will need to sell!


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